Infant Therapy

Up to nine months in a confined and shrinking space (that being the womb) can cause a baby to come into the world already holding muscle tension. This “womb tension” combined with the birthing process (whether that be vaginal or belly) can result in numerous issues related to imbalances in the newborn’s body.

Infant Craniosacral Therapy (CST) can help babies experiencing:

* breastfeeding / latching issues

* spitting up curdled milk

* audible clicking while feeding

* head turning to one side

* blocked tear-ducts

* reflux, digestion issues

* flat-spots/brachycephaly / plagiocephaly

* colic

* severe restlessness

* chronic ear and / or sinus infections

* turned, or wandering eyes (trouble focusing)

My infant-specific training allows me to take a unique approach to helping babies and their families. Each initial session includes: A detailed intake of pregnancy and birth story; discussion of specific issues and treatment goals; hands-on CST treatment (with comfort breaks as needed), followed by suggestions for homecare and treatment plan. Parents may see improvements immediately, or a shift within baby after a few days.


Clients have good things to say about services offered.

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Talks in the Community

I love teaching about massage and craniosacral therapy – especially when it comes to babies! Reach out if you’d like to have me share my knowledge with your group via Zoom! Email me at

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Check out Linda’s recent posts on therapy news and course offerings, including CST (Craniosacral Therapy) Level 1 October 16-17, 2021 in Victoria BC!

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